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With our community of partners, you can get expert advice and training so you can be up and running in no time!

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WorkflowMax Reporting – Keep your WhIP clean!

This post is a bird’s eye view to ensure the best start to your WorkflowMax reporting experience. Reporting is a powerful and complex feature of WorkflowMax, and incredibly valuable when you achieve a full understanding. Want a more comprehensive look? Join the WorkflowMax Partner Success Summit today! I will address reporting in more detail on Wednesday 11 May, and encourage you to ask questions and get the answers you’ve been looking for.

Tip 1: For great WorkflowMax reporting – begin with the end in mind

Great reporting in WorkflowMax is easy when the system has been correctly setup and customised to suit the unique needs of the business and its team.

Something as simple as the staff and task base rates will either make or break your reporting, so don’t do anything until this is sorted! As accountants, you can help your client work out what these base rates need to be – should they include overheads or not?

Consider all software in use in the business. If the business is using separate quoting software, and these quotes are not accounted for in WorkflowMax, you quickly lose a huge amount of reporting.

What data is flowing to and from your payroll and accounting software, and how can they all be better set up to improve ease of use and reporting across the board? There is a balance between detailed reporting and complexity of use, so you need to take all users into consideration.

Job categories are used for reporting and filtering right throughout the system – make sure you use them. Help your clients work out what these need to be. One should be non-chargeable then the others could be type of work like residential vs. commercial or North vs South.

Tip 2: Do today’s work today

Get in the habit of entering timesheets daily – this gives you the most accurate, timely, reporting possible. And saves you a lot of hassle later on. But wait, there’s more!

  • You can use custom notifications to alert team members when their actual time is approaching the estimated time on their jobs.
  • Lower your risk of project overruns by being able to review jobs daily.
  • You get the ability to invoice promptly – which results in the ultimate winner:  Better Cash Flow!

Tip 3: Keep your W(h)IP clean!

The Work in Progress Manager or WIP shows unbilled work – detailed, by month or status and using customizable filters.

Assuming the setup is sorted, and all your time and materials are loaded correctly – your Work in Progress should be a thing of beauty.

Regular maintenance is vital – once your WIP is clean, it should only take 5 or 10 minutes a month, after your invoicing is completed, to stay on top of it.

Note: if your Work in Progress doesn’t make any sense it is indicative of serious use and setup issues. Join our webinar to find out more, or contact the friendly WorkflowMax support team if this is the case.

I’m extremely pleased to be presenting the Reporting portion of the WorkflowMax Partner Success Summit. I rank the Report Builder and Reporting in WorkflowMax as one of its key features – what other software offers customizable and detailed system-wide reporting at such a low cost?

What qualifies me to present this topic? At Katalyst, as WorkflowMax and Xero specialists, we do a lot of setups, conversions, troubleshooting, training and support. Our unique specialization of both systems, along with being Xero award winning bookkeepers means we have a thorough, ground-up, understanding of the needs of all users – right from the sales team, the team doing the work, management and admin, through to the accountants and mentors. We know what they all need.

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Glennis Stuckey
Glennis leads the Katalyst team. Her first bookkeeping role was at 21, when her parents owned the BP in Tuakau and she managed the ledgers manually. She is now a Xero Certified bookkeeper, and is expert in a range of affiliate programmes, such as WorkflowMax.

Glennis Stuckey