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Tip of the Week: Use Filters to Find What You Need

Child_Tip of the Week_ Use Filters to Find What You Need

Filters are a great way to find information you need in WorkflowMax easily. However a lot of customers don’t know about them – hence this #tipoftheweek!

If your WorkflowMax account is using the current version of WorkflowMax, you’ll be able to take advantage of this functionality instantly.  You’ll be able to tell which version you’re on by having a look at your navigation – does it display “MyMax” or the “Dashboard”? The former indicates you’re on the old UI, but it’s super easy to switch – simply send us an email at (support@workflowmax.com) and we’ll help you switch!

It’s also worth noting that on top of filters, all new developments to WorkflowMax will be available for the current version of WorkflowMax only so it’s definitely worth switching over.

Where can you use Filters in WorkflowMax?

Filters are available for the following manager screens: 

  • Client Manager (select the ‘Clients’ tab)
  • Invoice Manager (go to > Business > Invoices)
  • Quote Manager (go to > Business > Quotes)
  • Work in Progress Manager (go to > Business > Work In Progress)

It’s important to note that the filters that you create are personal to you  - others can create their own personal filters, which you will not see. This is a great way to customise WorkflowMax and the information that’s presented, to your needs.

Examples of Filters that you may want to create and save as favourites include...

Client Manager (select the ‘Clients’ tab)

  • Clients default Account Manager is ‘Alan Evans’
  • Client State is 'Prospect'
  • Client Type is 'Premium' ( > $100,000 spend)

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.16.50 pmInvoice Manager (go to > Business > Invoices)

  • Client default Account Manager is John Johnson (watch this one, as many clients want this by Job Account Manager, but it is not available)
  • Due Date is Before End of Last Month
  • Invoices - Client Manager is Nicole - Last Month

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.16.57 pmQuote Manager (go to > Business > Quotes)

  • All Quotes for American Express Since 1 Jan 2018
  • Quotes Issued This Month
  • 'Website New Build' Quotes for Last Month

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.17.03 pm Work in Progress Manager (go to > Business > Work In Progress)

  • WIP - Job State is 'Planned'
  • WIP - Job Category is 'Weddings - North Island'
  • WIP - Job Account Manager is Andrew Solley

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 4.17.08 pmIf you need more information, there are plenty of additional resources to help you get started with filters. Check out this video for more detail and have a read over the help content for using filters and creating a new filter. 

Don’t hesitate to touch base with us if you have questions, or leave your comments below.

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Mark Forbes

Mark Forbes

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