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7 Quick Steps To Maximise Your Project Profitablity

Step 5: Costs

Costs are the disbursements that you often need to include in your jobs, and possibly on-charge to your clients. Regularly used cost items can be set up in the WorkflowMax Cost Admin database to allow you to quickly include standard costs for travel, materials, sub-contractors or other disbursements in any job.

For flexibility, you can also add cost items directly to a job without storing them in the Cost Admin database, if you want.


What's next?

Practise entering costs for one of your current jobs – directly into the job itself as well as into the Cost admin database. Experiment with the options discussed in the video, especially:

  • adding a cost (that is not in the Cost Admin database) to a job
  • going to Business > Settings > Costs to view costs that have been set up in the Cost Admin database. Take a note of the Description of a cost item, then type that description into the Description field as you add a cost to a job.