WorkflowMax Quick-start Guide

Getting started with WorkflowMax

For the best experience, we recommend viewing this guide on one browser and having WorkflowMax open on another to view videos while completing activities in WorkflowMax.

7 Quick Steps To Maximise Your Project Profitablity

Step 6: Invoicing

WorkflowMax lets you invoice your clients for:

  • Actual time worked and costs incurred on a job
  • Quoted or estimated time and costs for the job
  • Deposit payments, or
  • Part-payment of the overall quoted value of the job.

As the job proceeds, each invoice can reflect the current value of work in progress, and when the job is complete, the final invoice can wrap up all outstanding billable time and costs.


What's next?

Practise creating progress invoices and a final invoice for one of your current jobs. Experiment with the options discussed in the video, especially:

  • looking at the Draft and Awaiting Payment tabs
  • drill into invoices to display details of costs and tasks
  • create a new filter to view all invoices with a Due Date of ‘end of this week’.