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WorkflowMax project management software for business consultants frees up admin time, so you can spend more of it solving problems.
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Top 6 reasons why Consultants love WorkflowMax

Never under-bill a client again! Track time against a job, then create invoices automatically from your timesheet data.
Track time, make notes and contact clients while visiting with clients through our handy mobile site.
Clients can be demanding, but that doesn’t mean your software should be. Invoice based on time or quote, and change all the details to suit your needs.
Want to know what type of job earns you the most money? Or whether you’re under-billing a customer? Reporting answers your pressing business questions.
Charge staff out at different rates. Create custom rates for different team members, jobs or clients, and override rates for complete control.
WorkflowMax and Xero work together to provide a complete end-to-end business solution. You know you’re getting beautiful, industry-leading business tools.
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    WorkflowMax has been making our lives easier by the day. Without it, we would not be able to operate across multiple countries, timezones and workforces.
    John Ffooks
    John Ffooks
    John F. Fooks & Co

    We've now trained 40 people to use WorkflowMax, and not one has come back scratching their head. It's simple and easy to use.
    Daniel Potter
    e3 Learning

    It was quite easy to get started. There's no paperwork. Everything is electronic – all the timesheets, etc – which makes it easy to send out invoices as everything is in one system.
    Ruth Cole
    Ruth Cole
    Office Manager, Greengage

    In summer, I work from home quite often – so it's great to have that flexibility. I really enjoy the fact that I can use it remotely without being in the office
    James Bumphrey
    Ecological Consultant


    WorkflowMax allows us to have better visibility of the overall cost per assignment so we can stay on track and not exceed our quotes.
    Lisa Spiden
    Managing Director, FibreHR

    In terms of functionality and price WorkflowMax is far superior to any other product in the market. It's a great product and has certainly helped us grow our business.
    Greg Byers
    Accountant, Cabbage Tree Consulting

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