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Tip of the Week: Add Teams in WorkflowMax

by Monica Shepherd on Sep 4, 2015 in WorkflowMax Product Updates & Tips

Did you know you can set up teams in WorkflowMax, so that a select group of staff can get notifications? These can be staff who are part of a job or not.

For example, you might have an accounts team who needs to be notified once a job is finished so that they can prepare an invoice and get it sent out, but you don't want to have to add them to every job. Instead, you can set up a 'Finance' team, then set up a custom notification to let them know a job is ready to invoice.

The video below takes you through the steps to set up a team in WorkflowMax:


How to Address Overdue Invoices and Get Your Money!

by Chirag Ahuja on Sep 3, 2015 in Agencies & Creatives

So, your team has worked hard and completed an amazing project. You’ve sent (what you thought was) a comprehensive invoice to the client. Only to receive…complete radio silence…

Clients who are notorious for paying late can be a strain on your bottom line and force you to budget more than needed to make up for late returns.

Worse yet, approaching a client about late payments can be intimidating, and sometimes even a little awkward. But it doesn’t have to be.

There are ways your company can confidently ask for your hard-earned money the moment a payment deadline is missed. Get the money your team earned with these helpful tips.


Why Good Website Design is Critical to the Success of Your Accounting Firm

by Michelle Polglase on Sep 2, 2015 in Accountants & Bookkeepers, Small Business Tips, Tech & Treats

A well-designed website should showcase your brand, tell your business story and confirm your professional credibility. It’s interesting then, that investing in good website design is still so often undervalued by many accounting firms.

Think of an architecturally designed house - it still serves the same basic shelter function as any house. However, having a design theme and creating a space with attention to every detail undoubtedly delivers a big ‘WOW’ factor to visitors, and sets you apart from every other house on the street.

Website design is much more than just choosing a great hero image for your homepage. It involves careful consideration of details, from the page layout and paragraph widths, to the way content is structured to GRAB your attention. Investing in this attention to detail on every page can give your website that architectural distinction - which implies professionalism in all aspects of your business.


The business Selfie: Getting that Perfect Headshot for Your Website

by Steff Green on Sep 1, 2015 in Small Business Tips, Tech & Treats


As a service business, you don’t usually need product photographs for a catalogue or online shop, but what you will need is a great photo of yourself. Images on your website help make you more approachable and real, and if you’re going to do anything online, you need a decent headshot to accompany your profile. From your website about page to your social media profiles and any article ever written about you by any publication, ever, you’re going to need a decent picture to use … and a selfie taken with your camera phone just isn’t going to cut it.


Accountants: 5 Steps to Promoting Your Cloud Advisory Services Online

by Monica Shepherd on Aug 31, 2015 in Accountants & Bookkeepers

Are your accounting clients aware that you offer cloud expertise above and beyond simple compliance accounting?

In a 2015 report from Hinge Marketing, 40% of accounting and financial services firms said that a top priority for them was making clients more aware of the services they already offered. Doing so is a critical way to boost revenue from existing clients, without also raising your marketing spend on seeking out new business.

It’s not uncommon to learn that a client is simply unaware of the additional expertise you can provide. This gap in communication is easy to fix. Here are 5 steps that we encourage our WorkflowMax Advisors to take to promote their services to their clients:


Tip of the Week: Unlocking Your Timesheets to Amend Entries

by Monica Shepherd on Aug 28, 2015 in WorkflowMax Product Updates & Tips

D’oh! You’ve submitted your timesheets, but after you’ve clicked the button, you realise that you’ve entered something wrong, or assigned time to the wrong task. Your timesheets are locked against further edits, so what now?


How to Improve Employee Efficiencies at Your Agency

by Chirag Ahuja on Aug 27, 2015 in Agencies & Creatives

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but a common issue that often occurs in these collaborative environments is unfair distribution of the workload.

While some employees are naturally efficient, others may need to spend more time developing their skills to improve their efficiency. However, many managers may not realize that employee inefficiencies may be costing their agency up to 30% of their revenue each year. Yikes.

To help ease any tensions when confronting an inefficient employee, check out the four tips below. For additional information on improving overall agency inefficiencies, download our free ebook, The Complete Guide to Solving Agency Inefficiencies.


Job Management Software Makes Pipeline Planning Easy For Online Marketing Agency [User Story]

by Monica Shepherd on Aug 26, 2015 in Agencies & Creatives, WorkflowMax User Stories

User Stories is a regular column on the WorkflowMax blog where we get a company to walk us through their experience using WorkflowMax. Every company is different, and every firm has different methods and processes for managing their projects. Our hope is that by taking a look at what others do, it may help you gain an understanding of how WorkflowMax could work for you.

Today we talk to Kim Voon, director of New Zealand-based online marketing agency, Insight Online.


10 Browser Extensions to Improve Productivity & Get More Done

by Steff Green on Aug 25, 2015 in Small Business Tips, Tech & Treats

I’ve only recently become a convert to browser extensions. It seems silly, because I spend the majority of my work time sitting in front of a computer. My tablet is filled with apps to make my life easier, and yet I’d never given any thought to improving the usefulness of the browser.

But that all stops now. I’ve been discovering more and more useful browser extensions that allow you to easily perform certain tasks or change the look of websites. Here are ten of my top browser extensions for business owners and workers in need of a little productivity boost:


4 Reasons You Need to Speed Date Your Start-up’s CPA

by Curt Mastio on Aug 24, 2015 in Small Business Tips, Tech & Treats

Yes, you read that right.  Speed dating your accountant is essential - just not exactly in the traditional sense usually associated with the term 'speed dating’!

What I’m suggesting is more around the importance of screening your startup's potential CPA for a variety of factors to see if you’d like to take your relationship further, and to avoid common pitfalls that may surface down the track.  

So, here are four reasons why you should speed date your startup's accountant before bringing him or her on-board with your business:

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