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20 Questions to Tell if Excel is Holding Your Small Business Back

by Chirag Ahuja on Oct 24, 2014 in Small Business Tips

In many ways, Microsoft Excel has become a pillar of most businesses. Since its inception in 1985, Excel has become THE spreadsheet technology used to run nearly all aspects of many businesses. Companies rely on it for everything—from accounting and financial forecasts to managing who’s in charge of bringing what to the next potluck.

But with the advent of cloud-based technologies built to streamline and optimize all types of business processes, is Excel holding your small business back? Could a shift away from Excel save time and money, improve data collection and reporting, make sure you get paid faster, and help grow your business?

The answer is “Absolutely.” To help you understand how much Excel is holding you back, we first need to define how over reliant on it you are. In order to figure this out, we’ve come up with a list of 20 questions, designed to measure your level of dependence on/obsession with Excel. If you can answer, “Yes” to three or more questions, then there’s a good chance a cloud-based, small-business management platform can pay dividends for your business.


101 Engineering Quotes from the Minds of Innovators

by Monica Shepherd on Oct 23, 2014 in Engineers

Throughout history, there have been many notable engineers and inventors who have changed the way we live through their creations and innovations. As an engineer, you’ve likely taken inspiration along the way from the works and words of some of the industry’s greats.

Here is a selection of 101 quotes about engineering, some famous and some not-so, to make you laugh, inspire you and remind you of the contribution than engineers have made in shaping the world we live in today:


4 Agency Billing Methods: Discover Which One Works for You!

by Steff Green on Oct 22, 2014 in Agencies & Creatives

On Oct 28-29th, we’re pleased to be hosting a FREE webinar for agency professionals. Hosted by Jason Blumer, a CPA for the creative industry and expert in agency business, and Gavin George, General Manager here at WorkflowMax, the webinar looks at how hourly billing might not be the best pricing method for your business - and offers a new model for you to consider.

Today, here’s a little teaser of what you can expect to learn.


6 Clever Ways to Make Your Agency Stand Out

by Steff Green on Oct 21, 2014 in Agencies & Creatives

Meet Joe. Joe is developing a cool new product. Joe needs to work with a creative agency to perfect his product's branding and marketing.

Joe starts the hunt for an agency. What does he discover? Within his city alone there are hundreds of creative companies, each one with an impressive portfolio and a beautiful website and bubbly sales team. How does Joe choose which agency to use?

If you’re one of those agencies Joe is considering, how do you make your firm stand out from the pack? Here are some ideas:


Architects: Write a Client-Clinching ‘About Us’ Page for Your Website

by Monica Shepherd on Oct 20, 2014 in Architects

Your About page is critical to strengthening your brand identity and creating a connection with potential customers. Think about it. Your customers are about to make potentially one of the biggest investments of their lives - building or renovating their home. They need to know that the person they are trusting with their home or business is the right architect for the job, and this is your chance to tell them why.

An unforgettable About page is more than just a biography and qualifications. The aim is connection. It should give insight into who you are and why you’re better than the rest.

There are no set rules about writing a memorable ‘About’ page, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re writing yours.


Avoiding Nightmares When Integrating a New Agency Management System

by Chirag Ahuja on Oct 17, 2014 in Agencies & Creatives, Job/Project Management

If you work at a marketing, PR, design or digital agency, you probably have a system in place for managing overall business operations. However, if your current system relies on the use of basic tools, such as Excel spreadsheets, you might want to consider upgrading to cut down on the amount of admin time (and human error).


Engineers: 5 Ways to Build Quality Inbound Links to Your Website

by Monica Shepherd on Oct 16, 2014 in Engineers

When it comes to optimising your website, inbound links are like Google superfood. An inbound link is one that links to a page on your website from another website and is a powerful way to boost your website’s search engine ranking to up it’s visibility.

I need to stress that the operative word in this blog post’s title is quality. By quality I mean links that come from credible sites with content that is relevant to your business, industry and audience. Please, whatever you do, don’t fall for dodgy link-building tactics, (also known as ‘black hat’ SEO techniques). Link-building is definitely one of those quality-over-quantity situations.


New CRM Add-Ons for WorkflowMax

by Gavin George on Oct 15, 2014 in WorkflowMax Customers (Tips, etc.), WorkflowMax Updates

CRM functionality is something users have been asking for for ages now. We want WorkflowMax to be the hub for all your business needs, so we’ve been hard at work looking for the best add-on partners for your sales team. We’re pleased to announce three new CRM add on partners that will further improve the sales functionality of WorkflowMax.

You can read more about the partners on our CRM Add Ons Page. I’ve outlined some of the best features for you below.


6 Steps to developing a fool-proof disaster recovery plan for your small business

by Steff Green on Oct 14, 2014 in Small Business Tips

Last week, several suburbs in Auckland, NZ experienced a drastic power cut when a transfer station caught fire. Many homes and businesses were without power for 48 hours.

As disasters go, this one was pretty minor (see some of the hilarious me social media commentary on the outage).. No one died or was injured, and authorities and that power company responded quickly to issues and ensured residents with medical needs were safe. However, if you were a local business reliant on power, you might find yourself going several days without access to the tools you need.

That can be a disaster for business owners.

You might lose several days of business. Urgent work that needs to be sent might not go through on time. You might not have access to vital information for several days. What can you do to ensure you make it through a disaster, natural or otherwise, in one piece?


Easy Value-Adds That Won’t Harm Your Agency’s Bottom Line

by Monica Shepherd on Oct 13, 2014 in Agencies & Creatives

The creative agency space is competitive. Not to mention it’s facing added pressures from cheaper overseas outsourcing options. How can you ensure you’re continuing to deliver great value to your clients without it actually affecting your bottom line?

Here are 6 value-adds you can implement in your agency to create a memorable client experience that will keep your customers loyal:


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