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‘Gut feel’ is Not a Strategy: Why your business needs to invest in data to drive financial success

by David Maher on Jan 28, 2015 in Architects, Agencies & Creatives, IT Services & Consulting, Technology (The Cloud, etc.), Engineers, Building & Construction, Small Business Tips

Economist and data analyst, David Maher, director of Melbourne-based company Right Brain Insights, shares his thoughts on how cloud software is a valuable tool for companies to understand and use critical business data. This article is the first in a 5-part series.

Let’s face it – data is changing our world. This trend represents a real and present danger to those businesses unwilling to change course, and a HUGE opportunity for those willing to embrace it.


Stuck on What to Blog About? Create a Content Calendar

by Steff Green on Jan 27, 2015 in Small Business Tips

If you’re starting to blog or run other content-based marketing campaigns for your business, you know the importance of keeping a regular schedule and publishing new content on a consistent basis. But keeping that consistency can be difficult when you’re struggling to figure out what to write about, and fitting your writing around your other duties.

I know your pain, because I used to struggle with this, too. I knew I would want to post a certain amount per week, and then I couldn’t think of what to write about, so I just wouldn’t. I became an erratic poster, and my visitor numbers and conversions suffered for it. I would also miss writing about important events or promotions because I hadn’t planned for them in advance.

And then I got my shit together and started an editorial calendar for my blog. And that’s what I recommend you do, too. Here’s how:


LinkedIn for Engineers Part 1: Creating an irresistible LinkedIn profile

by Monica Shepherd on Jan 26, 2015 in Engineers, Small Business Tips

It’s a common misconception that LinkedIn is just for job seekers and recruiters. The reality is that, as a business owner, LinkedIn can also be a powerful marketing, business development and talent acquisition tool.

Globalisation has given us access to skills and talent all around the world that we previously would not have been able to connect to. Engineers are no longer limited to geographical boundaries when it comes to pitching for projects or engaging other external stakeholders. This is where a strong online presence - including a well-presented LinkedIn profile - is really important.

To get maximum value out of LinkedIn, simply having a profile is not enough. Part 1 of my 2-part LinkedIn series for engineers details my top tips for building an optimised profile. Part 2 will look at how you can use it effectively for maximum benefit to your business.

Ready? Pull up your LinkedIn profile and follow these steps to creating a compelling LinkedIn profile:


Tip of the Week: Managing Numbering in WorkflowMax

by Genny Stevens on Jan 23, 2015 in Invoicing and financial, WorkflowMax Customers (Tips, etc.), Quotes, Jobs and quotes

Did you know that you can manually allocate custom numbers to your jobs, invoices, quotes and purchase orders?

WorkflowMax automatically generates numbers for jobs, invoices, quotes and purchase orders, however you can also edit the default prefixes and number sequencing to suit your own requirements.


6 Steps to Demonstrating Your Agency’s Impact to Clients

by Paul Roetzer on Jan 22, 2015 in Agencies & Creatives

It’s hard to argue against numbers. As an agency, data is your most powerful tool to prove your value to clients, keep them around long term, and fortify profitability.


Measuring Profitability at a Growing Groundworks Company: Workflow 411 with Polcon

by Monica Shepherd on Jan 21, 2015 in Workflow 411

Workflow 411 is a regular column here on the WorkflowMax blog. Here, we get a company to walk us through their workflow process. Every company is different, and every firm has different methods and processes for managing their projects. Our hope is that by studying what others do, you can find techniques to improve your own workflow.

Today we talk to Andy Bean, general manager of Polcon, a Christchurch-based groundworks company.


10 Books on Business, Entrepreneurship and Community You Should Read in 2015

by Steff Green on Jan 20, 2015 in Small Business Tips

In a world where everyone is rushing and there’s always a million and one things to do, sitting down with a book is becoming more and more of a luxury. To me, it’s still the ultimate luxury. The chance to learn something new, to delve deep into a subject and immerse yourself in a different world for a few hours is part of the joy of being human.

As we begin to gear up for 2015 … the year we all try to make shit happen … it’s great to do a little bit of delving into the world of books. There are books that inspire, books that provoke, and books that help you slot all the pieces into place to make this year YOUR year. I’ve compiled a list of ten of my favourites I think would be a great place to start.

Most of these books were published in 2014, and a few slightly before that. There are some remarkable books being released in this calendar year, and we’ll probably do a round-up again near the end of the year to point you toward to ones we liked the best.

Here are my picks for 10 inspiring, thought-provoking and confronting books on creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship you should read right now:


7 Important Marketing Lessons Business Owners Can Learn From Grumpy Cat

by Monica Shepherd on Jan 19, 2015 in Small Business Tips

It was recently revealed that the infamous Grumpy Cat - real name Tardar Sauce - has made her 29-year-old owner US$64 million. That exact number was apparently a little over-inflated, but the fact still remains that the cat with the famous scowl has proved very lucrative for her human subordinate.

Grumpy Cat, a cat with dwarfism and an underbite, has managed to achieve in two short years what many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to ever come close to. The celebrity sourpuss has amassed a huge social following with an enviable virality, a Wikipedia page, a book, a movie deal, merchandise, awards, ‘spokescat’ status, her own cappuccino brand (that’s a Grumppuccino, by the way), apps ... the list goes on.

I’m not kitten when I say this feline means serious business. So how did she end up being the cat that got all the cream?

Here are 7 marketing lessons inspired by this frowning feline:


Tip of the Week: Managing Your Leads in WorkflowMax

by Maree Maxfield on Jan 16, 2015 in WorkflowMax Customers (Tips, etc.), Technology (The Cloud, etc.), Clients and contacts

The Lead Manager is one of the most used areas of WorkflowMax for my business.

In real life the phone rings with that potential incoming client. They want to tell you all about their business, their problem and what it is they would potentially like you to do for their business.  I will normally have this conversation with the client, taking notes of what they have told me – often on the nearest notepad on my desk depending on where I am! Immediately I will go and enter all of the relevant information into WorkflowMax Lead Manager.  

If you are receiving numerous calls or enquiries it becomes impossible to remember every detail about every enquiry and that is why the Lead Manager is fantastic. I know that it does not matter if I lose that piece of paper where I may have scribbled down the details, as it is all now captured in one place which I can easily refer back to.


Agencies: Know When to Say No to New and Existing Clients

by Paul Roetzer on Jan 15, 2015 in Agencies & Creatives

Clients that eat up time, drain your resources or leave quickly after you’ve committed your top talent can rob your agency of the profits that can be realized with the right partnerships.

Set your team up for success and put your value above all else. Align your agency with clients where a mutually beneficial partnership can be established and grown.


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