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Become a Napping Ninja: The Complete Guide to Napping at Work

Research has demonstrated that a third of all Americans don’t get enough sleep. And they aren’t the only ones – many workers across the world experience irritability and distractedness while on the job due to lack of decent slumber. Business owners are running themselves ragged and burning the candle at both ends trying to get everything done.

Add this to the fact that different people give peak performance at different types of the day. What a person eats or drinks can also cause massive surges in energy throughout the day, resulting in major peaks, following by massive crashes. What does all this mean?

It means we’re all exhausted. And that we need naps. Lots and lots of naps.

Napping is actually good for you, although it tends to make you look like a lazy bum who isn’t pulling his/her weight. So whether you’re the boss locking the door for a few minutes, or an employee snoring away in the breakroom, if you need to catch a few minutes of Zs during the workday, you’re going to need to be surreptitious about it. You will need to become a Napping Ninja.

Here are our top five recommendations for ninja napping.

1. Find a Secret Napping Spot

Napping Ninja Level: 1

Offices are filled with secret spaces where people don’t often venture. The supply closet. The stationary room. The “wellness room”. These are your napping hidey holes.

If you want to up the Ninja level, you can get sneaky with meeting rooms. Book out a webinar room or meeting room for 15 minutes with yourself, and enjoy an uninterrupted nap inside. Make sure you don’t nap in front of any glass windows!

2. Give Your Naps a Trendy Name

Napping Ninja Level: 2

If you’re having a snooze at your desk and someone asks you what you’re doing, don’t say you’re having a nap. Call it “Closed Eye Meditation” or say you’re practising your “Transcendental Somnambulance.” Soon everyone in the office with skinny jeans and a topknot will be joining in.

3. Find a Nap Buddy

Napping Ninja Level: 3

Enlist the help of a co-worker to get your napping time in. A co-worker or assistant can field your calls and stand guard over your door while you get your Zs. When he/she wants to duck out to get a few minutes of shut-eye, it’s your turn to return the favour.

4. Cultivate a Nap Institution

Napping Ninja Level: 3

Insist that napping is part of your creative process. This is much easier if you’re a graphic designer than, say, a plumber. Become a napping ambassador – get your whole organisation behind a napping culture. Demonstrate the research that shows napping actually helps productivity. Cause a paradigm shift. If you’re the business owner, order some pillows.

This isn’t as strange as it might sound. After all, the siesta is a culturally-ingrained concept throughout many countries in the world, allowing business owners and workers to enjoy a long lunch and a nap during the hottest hours of the day.

If you do this well enough, then you’ll soon have a whole team of power-nappers trained in your image. Hell, you could start a napping revolution.

Find a Nap-Friendly Job

Napping Ninja Level: 4

If all else fails and you absolutely cannot get that nap in, no matter how hard you try, it may be time to seriously think about a career change. There are, of course, many jobs on the market where napping isn’t just tolerated, it’s encouraged.

Consider a career as a sleep-study participant, a mattress salesman, or a hammock engineer.

Do you find a short nap during the day improves your productivity? How do you get your napping in without arousing suspicion and/or derision?

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