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Creatives: Here's What You Need to Know This Week – 22-27 July

Well, this week the local creative industry is all shaken up - not by any disturbing news, but by the earthquakes that shook up the capital city. Many of my colleagues found themselves hiding under their desks as papers and projects flew around the room.

Thankfully, it doesn't sound like anyone was badly injured. There's just a bit of mess to clean up. This is a week for taking things easy and generating new and fresh ideas – and I've got plenty of inspiration below to help you shake up the design world.

Don’t forget, if you’ve heard some interesting news or seen a great creative project, let us know about it using the #workflowmaxroundup tag on twitter! - See more of our WorkflowMax Weekly News Roundups.

on song stories behind new zealands pop classes spread

1. Over on Design Assembly, Louise Kellerman recaps the winners of the PANZ Book Design Awards. The supreme winner was Alan Deare of AREA Design, for the stunningly illustrated On Song: Stories behind New Zealand's Pop Classics.

"The Sleeping Plot" by Traces of Nut - Crime Movie from 48HOURS on Vimeo.

2. And there are more winners on show after the 48 Hours Film Competition – 800 teams from across NZ compete to create a film in 48 Hours. Films are judged by an all-star panel, and winners take away a prize pool valued at more than $50,000. This year's grand prize was taken out by Wellington team Traces of Nut, with their black comedy The Sleeping Plot.

3. Darren Rowse is one of the biggest bloggers in the world – running several blog projects including Problogger, Digital Photography School, and Twitip. So the man writes a LOT of blogs. I always wonder how people who've been in their industry for so long can remain so productive, so I really enjoyed his piece on 9 Ways to Keep You Fresh, Inspired and Creative.


4. As urban living spaces get more and more compact, space is at an increasing premium. One of the solutions is to create multi-level spaces, but what do you do about stairs? Here are 15 Compact Stair Designs for Loft Living.

flora borsi abstract models

5. Hungarian artist Flora Borsi has taken the imagery of some of the world's most famous abstract paintings of figures and created digital depictions of what the models would look like if the paintings were "true-to-life."


6. Master Plan is a temporary art installation by artist Chad Wright – a commentary on the American dream in light of the housing crisis. Wright created a sandcastle suburbia – not the imaginative castles children create, but uniform, boring mass-produced homes. Each incoming wave cracks and erodes the buildings.

7. Alexandra Chong has created an app designed to turn the dating tide against pick up artist culture by giving them a taste of their own medicine. The app, called Lulu, allows women to read and create reviews of the guys they've been dating. All reviews are anonymous, and you must specify whether the person you're reviewing is a crush, ex, friend, partner, hook up or relative.


8. Museum is a secret museum measuring only 80 square feet and is hidden in an abandoned freight elevator in the Tribeca neighbourhood in NYC. Museum exhibits vestiges of urban life, vintage curiosities and other found objects. If you want to learn more about a particular item, you ring a toll free number, punch in that item's ID code, and information will be read to you.

9. What is the Most Powerful Word Known to Mankind? And how can this word help your design biz?

10. You are Cooler then You Think: 17 Ways for Instant Badassery – If you're feeling a bit bored or unmotivated lately, this article has some great ideas for changing things up.

12. Over the last year the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has been assembling a list of their trusted ad agencies. The final list of 37 agencies has just been released – who made the cut?

13. If you're a sucker for the occult imagery being incorporated into recent fashion lines, you're going to love The Tarot Collection – a jewellery line of eight rings and six pendants created through a collaboration of Unearthen + The Wild Unknown. The collection is currently available exclusively from Bona Drag.

That's it from me – what are you inspired by this week?