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How online content can play a critical role in finding your ideal employees

You’ve probably read plenty about creating content as part of your inbound marketing strategy - this content is the kind that attracts potential customers and encourages them to check out your website and your services.

But what about potential employees? Have you considered that the content you create and share with your networks is also catching the eye of talent for your company? If done strategically, your content can have just as much impact on the image of your company to potential recruits as it does for potential leads.

Content humanises your brand. It provides insight into your company culture, your approach to business, your values and your initiatives.


Picture this, your ideal candidate is researching topics related to your industry online, she see’s an article published by your company, and has her first exposure to your brand. Perhaps she kinda digs your brand’s image and your message, so she’s intrigued. Clicking through to your library of resources, she’s now getting a pretty good feel for the way you pitch your services, who your target audience is, the voice you use, and your style of communicating. Exploring a little further, your social media accounts give her even more insight into the company culture and how you interact with your customers. Yours is a company that isn’t afraid to show its true colours, or let its employees tell it like it is.

She’s compelled to send in her resume. The resources available to her online have already given her an understanding of your customer target, their pain points, and the benefits of using your services, in fact, she’s pretty much up-skilled herself before she’s even got the role - this interview process becomes a breeze and she’s clearly a great fit for your team!

So, how do you do it? Here are 10 steps to creating content as part of your recruitment strategy:

1. What are your HR goals?

Ask yourself these questions to form the direction behind your content plan:

  • Who are your ideal hires?
  • What is the best way to reach them?
  • What is it that your company can offer or what would make you appealing to a potential candidate?

These questions help you form an employee persona, so you can then create a more targeted content plan. For example, if you want to target a salesperson, the content you’ll need to create is going to be different to the content you’d use to attract the attention of a developer.

2. Authenticity is key

This is not just an opportunity for self-promotion. Share genuine, authentic insights. Speaking your mind will attract like-minded people. Remember, you’re trying to attract the right fit for your team, so don’t be afraid to be unabashedly yourself - if they don’t like you, they’re not the right person for the job.

3. People won’t trust the C-suite

Your content should come from people in all levels of your business. It’s pretty obvious that a company director would wax lyrical about their awesome service, systems or company culture, but it’s going to come across more believable if you’ve got folk on the shop floor in agreement too.

4. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo

Don’t be afraid to rock the boat a little and stand out from the crowd with your thoughts in your content. Be the company that is willing to challenge the status quo and you’ll attract others who want to be a part of an innovative and forward-thinking business.

5. Highlight different career paths at your company

Interview some of your employees in various roles in your company. It is important to be seen as a business that recognises that people at all levels and roles are critical to the overall success of the company. Perhaps select some employees who have moved through various roles in the company to demonstrate how you support internal promotion and professional development.

6. Talk about what’s in the pipeline

What does your company plan for the future? Create some hype around where you’d like your business to be, what you want to achieve, and what plans you have for growth and development in the future. Be transparent about what kind of opportunities exist for the right people.

7. Highlight big thinking

Create the image of your business as a thought leader in the industry. Publish thought-provoking articles backed by your own business insights. Be seen as THE go-to business for industry commentary and candidates will be battling to be a part of it.

8. Talk about daily worklife

It’s the small stuff that has a big impact on your employees’ job satisfaction. Like Friday night drinks, free fruit in the kitchen, the layout of the office, whether the CEO has his door open or closed. You’ll be surprised how popular ‘A day in the life’-type posts are; people love getting a bit of behind-the-curtain insight!

9. Do a Q & A

Sit down with some of your senior staff for an interview - dig a little deeper to get more insightful responses into their personality, their history, their goals, and how they like to manage their team. Who doesn’t want to grow their career under the guidance of a great mentor!

10. Use your team

Ask your staff to share these kinds of posts with their own networks. After all, if they’re great people, then they must know some pretty great people too!

Is online content a part of your recruitment strategy? What kind of posts have you written?

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