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NEW Pricing BP V2

Revaluing our standard & premium pricing plans

Over the last twelve years we’ve seen the WorkflowMax community grow to over 100,000 users worldwide, something that has simply blown us away. So thank you for being an integral part of the community – we couldn’t have got to where we are without your incredible support, feedback and of course, your loyalty.When Xero purchased the powerful all-in-one project management software platform WorkflowMax back in 2012, we knew it would really work for many types of businesses. Now, WorkflowMax is used by businesses in over 80 different industries to meet their unique needs.

Delivering even more value for your business

Over the last 24 months, the team has been working on developments, both big and small, to keep evolving WorkflowMax to continue to support your business needs. We’ve really listened and we are following a roadmap that is driven by customer feedback. We're doubling down on our level of investment into the product from fixing little bugs to building new features.

Each of our development decisions is based on:

  • enhancing the user experience
  • making the right information available wherever and whenever it’s needed
  • ensuring a stable platform

Snapshot of WorkflowMax product development

What we’ve delivered

What we’re working on


  • Android app for mobile

  • Filter by job

  • Assign jobs to staff


  • Add photos and attachments

  • Add a cost from the cost DB


  • Import overpayments and prepayment payment types from Xero against your invoices

  • Map tasks and costs to accounts or tracking categories in Xero based on job category, for multi-job (bulk) invoices

  • Remove from WIP list has an option to remove and update job state


  • create a bulk deposit invoice across multiple jobs

  • Consolidated invoice export to Xero

User interface:

  • Move in-app messages into the header

  • Move users to the new user interface

User interface:

  • Refresh the look and feel of the dashboard

  • Longer term, review the data which is surfaced on the dashboard and improve user access to important data


  • Use of Xero login and two-step authentication for an extra layer of data protection


  • Review current reports and remove or update any duplicated or confusing reports

  • Review sample templates

  • Add job costs to WIP ledger details


API enhancements:

  • Improve experience for API partners

  • Increase number of API partners

  • Improve add-on set up for WFM users

A small increase for a lot more value

Recently, we reviewed our pricing and found it no longer reflects the true value of the software. So, we’re making some adjustments to WorkflowMax plans and pricing and adding a couple of extra plans for businesses with large numbers of users. The range of plans is designed to provide more flexibility and make it easier for businesses as they grow. We recommend that you look at the new plans to make sure you’re on the right one for your business now.

How the changes affect you

The price changes are effective from Tuesday 11 June 2019, and apply to all new and existing customers including current trialists on standard or premium pricing plans.

See the new pricing here.

Please note:

  • the pricing for the Lead Manager and WorkflowMax Premium add-ons remains unchanged

  • we’ll be getting in touch with users on specialty and unlimited pricing plans  

Want to find out more?

For more information about the price changes, please see the new pricing and FAQs or feel free to ask questions in the comments section below. If you require further help, contact your account manager or the WorkflowMax support team here.

Thanks for your continued support.

The WorkflowMax team

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