We are super excited to be visiting the Hawkes Bay next week as part of an event being organised by The Fruitbowl The Fruitbowl are a group of local businesses who have come together to share their stories and build a community to encourage business opportunities and attract people back to one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

We will be presenting the benefits of WorkflowMax alongside Xero and SmartPayroll to a range of small to mid-sized firms who I gather are just as excited to see us as we are them. WorkflowMax has developed a great following in the region and it will be a fantastic excuse for us to fly down to Napier and visit as many customers as we can. I can't wait!

Chirag Ahuja
Chirag is the Marketing Manager at WorkflowMax. Every day he strives to educate more and more business owners on how to do business better. From their first visit to the website or the first email they receive to the first video they watch – he is passionate about delivering a seamless, beautiful and personalized experience that people love and that converts strangers to leads to customers and finally into fans! Chirag loves listening to techno music, reading vedic scriptures, leading teams, building relationships, and discussing the big questions in life.

Chirag Ahuja

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